The busy holiday season is almost upon us. Is your website ready? Regardless if you have an e-commerce site, standard business site, or membership site, you are likely to receive more traffic this time of year. When Aunt Marge is ordering that great Christmas sweater for you from Amazon, she might remember that she should have a plumber come fix the guest bathroom sink before her guests arrive. She’ll quickly search for a local plumber. eMarketer predicts,

US retail ecommerce sales are expected to jump 16.6% during the 2017 holiday season, driven by increases in mobile commerce and the intensifying online battle between large retailers and digital marketplaces.

Insure customers are able to find you and contact you during this busy time by following our 5 quick steps on all your platforms. This includes your website, Google My Business listing, and social media accounts, like Facebook, to ensure the content is accurate and ready for the increased traffic you may receive during the holidays. To increase holiday website traffic, you must:

1. Review Hours of Operation

Make sure to include your holiday hours on your website. You might assume your visitors will know you are not open on Thanksgiving, Christmas or New Year’s Day, but customers may not be sure if you are operating on the day after Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve or New Year’s Eve. Customers will choose not to visit you if they are unsure.

2. Review Business Contact Information

Review the contact information for your business. This might be located in the footer or on the About page. Make sure the address, phone number and email addresses are accurate. Also review your logo, colors, and sales statements to ensure they accurately reflect your business’ current branding guidelines. The holidays are a busy season and if it’s hard to contact you, customers will move on quickly.

3. Review Employee Information

Get your elves in line for the increased business! Are employees who left your team several months ago still listed on your site? Take a moment to ensure all employees listed on your site are still members of your team. Also review titles, profiles and contact information. If board members listed or contacts for certain types of issues, ensure this information is still accurate as well.

4. Review Products and Services

Reread your products and services. Do they still accurately reflect your organization? If pricing is available, ensure that it is accurate with your current price list. The holidays are a time of great deals, coupons, and new offerings. If you have new products or services for the holiday, make sure they are on your website and prominently displayed. ‘Tis the season for deals!

5. Review Events, Seminars, and other scheduled content

Nothing screams to a customer that your website is out of date like old content. Verify all events and seminars you have on your site are upcoming and not past events. If your business is participating in the funding, production, or even just attending a community holiday event, make this known on your website.

Get your site ready for the increased traffic of this busy season. If you need any assistance updating your site or social media accounts contact us and we’ll help you out!