What is a brand?  Your businesses brand is what people think of or visualize when they hear your business name.  It is an expression of the unique characteristics which represent your business.  The key to successful brands are those that are authentic, bold and consistent

  • Authentic:  It’s no longer ok to interact with our customers simply to sell them our stuff.  Consumers expect more from us. They want to have a relationship with us.  We need to position ourselves as relatable, human, and authentic.
  • Bold: Consumers are inundated with advertising today.  Great brands are bold and different.  You know your business and you know what you can do for your customers.  Tell them in creative and different ways.  Get them to STOP SCROLLING and read your content.
  • Consistency:  In a time when consumers are bombarded with content we need to show up and be seen, often.

Many of the questions in the self-assessment are designed to help you narrow in on your company’s unique brand.  Review your assessment and any current branding you have for your business.  Is your brand still aligned with your business?  Do changes need to be made?

At a minimum your brand should have the following:

  • Short statement outlining the mission or purpose of your business.
  • A short statement describing your audience.
  • A professional logo.
  • Color palette.
  • Headline and body fonts.

 Why is the brand so important in building your website? Your website is an extension of your brand. One of the first steps in web design is to decide on the visual look and feel of the website.  Your brand sets the stage for everything we produce, visually and otherwise.  We are happy to help you define a brand that matches your business’ unique characteristics as part of the web design experience.


If you are ready to roll up your sleeves, here are some great resources to provide inspiration for your brand: